Dusk at Sea

It’s near the end of autumn, late in the afternoon. It’s getting chilly, but not too much. You walk along a quiet beach, letting the music of the ocean to wash over you. It tempts to get closer and be swallowed by the waves but you move on. A gull screams. Winter is coming. You shiver slightly and go back to the campfire and join your friends. This is all that exists now; this and the music in your head.

The music, so gently interlaced with that of the sea and the quiet companionship’s of life,  is of the aptly named Crepusculum (dusk in latin). It is the creation and spirit of Fred Baty, a young Londoner. Instrumental acoustic in form, it is like the deep silent water, sipping into you calmly, and not letting go.


Check out Crepusculum (not to be confused with a Polish thrash metal band with the same moniker) on MySpace and last.fm for more tracks and updates. His debut EP is available for free download or purchase on his net label.


Crepusculum – A Sheltered Life (from Sky Diaries)

Crepusculum – Open Gates (from Sky Diaries)

Bonus: Here’s a wonderful video of Crepusculum performing “This is Mechanism, Not Ectoplasm”. (satisfaction guaranteed)