a gloomy day inside & out

Music is the art which is
most nigh to tears and memory.

– Oscar Wilde –

art by Lisa Alisa

TurnsM Grief

Honey BunnyVincent Gallo

Bird GehrlAntony & The Johnsons

Everybodys gotta learn SometimesBeck

Symmetry (with Becky Jarrett)Mew

Comforting SoundsMew

3 Responses

  1. mjrc

    what a beautiful–and oh-so true–quote. good ol’ oscar. he knew a bit about it, didn’t he? and i love that artist’s name, m. grief. it could be mine!

  2. Anonymous

    Those are two of my favorite Mew songs, nice picks. As much press as the new album is receiving, I still prefer the older stuff. The thing that really characterizes Mew, at least to me, isn’t proggy density, but rather the soaring vocals and hooks. Their AOL Interface set is quite good as well.

    Keep up the good work!