a memory from the late greats

Blue Mountain, Green Grass, Orange SkyEver have one of those perfect weekends? Where you visit friends you haven’t seen in about a year. Where you blow off some steam playing drinking games and maybe a few tokes. Where sleep comes easy and replenishes your body with energy, energy drained by stress. Where on the ride home a song comes on the radio at just the right time.

Our car was headed north on Highway 15. Maryland was nearly Pennsylvania. We were nearing home. There was absolutely no traffic. It seemed like the entire highway was ours. Mountains crowded the skyline; they were mirrors for the setting sun. And this song came on the radio. Slow to start, but then some wind-chime-like keyboards. A little rolling drum line. Some single note guitar plucking. Undulating counterpoint to match the landscape. A sweet sounding female singer, singing in a light vocal registry, singing lyrics that I couldn’t understand. Didn’t need to understand. An ethereal song that matched the mood of the drive home. The perfect capstone to a perfect weekend.

Múm: Green Grass Of Tunnel

This song is cemented in my memory. Forever linked to mountains, to Sunday drives, to a wonderful weekend.

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3 Responses

  1. Marilu

    i love Mum.
    i just finished reading the perks of being a wallflower again. who knows how many times i’ve read it. . .

    green grass of tunnel is one of those songs that make me feel infinite.

  2. music is art

    i love this memory duke 🙂

    and that sounds pretty wonderful, james…

    nothing like being around good people, being able to relax, stare off into space and listen to great music

  3. James

    Ah. That song brings to mind the summer before twelfth grade. Many perfect weekends then…many tokes and beautiful sleep, often on the beach.