a million eyes fallen from the sky

so they say justin roleof (of the anniversary) escaped one summer to the luscious bright colors of south america where he engaged in creating, dreaming and getting lost in peru. they all say when we travel we experience a whole side of ourselves that we know could have never been found without the ability to discover new ideas, places, feelings, details. and well it certainly seems that justin did just that taking back his memories to the state of kansas crafting them into his own new project called white flight. released on his co-label range life records, this debut makes you feel as if yr completely inside the twist & turns of a rambling but vividly excited mind.

it may be hard to stop pressing repeat on the song solarsphere. somehow its easy to picture this, sitting amongst a group of friends on the beach with a warm bonfire and lots of crazy 60s psychedelic silliness. maybe its those scattered piano keys at the end, the heavy off crashing of multi-layered strung out vocals harmonizing or when those drums come striking in strutting amongst the screaming of

where’s yr love gone?

[also enjoy the casio circus sideshow effect on the condition.
for more, please see white flight‘s myspace.]

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