a night with tori amos & yoav

being able to see tori amos last week at the wallingford theatre was one of those moments that made me feel again like life truly has some magical meaning.  feeling like a theatrical show, watching her confidently stroll out onto the stage as a doll with a blonde wig and cigarette that sensually lingered from her lips, through her fingers as she casually smoked and played the piano with her head slightly tilted to one side. 

isabel” the doll, grabbed my attention during the musical connection of the songs tombigbee as it intensely segued into scarlet’s walk.  both from the same mystical era, dancing at first to those quick notes, she moved her hips up above her piano bench, smiling proudly upon the stage. for the second half, inbetween switching her right hand from her shiny bosendorfer piano to her left hand on the organ that sat right in back of her, isabel held a black hurricane lantern that grew so bright as she delicately screamed “leaving terra, leaving terra“.  while the lights gently faded to black and only the ivory glow of the lantern came on, it hauntingly cast a silent spell over the entire crowd. 

lift your lantern up for me
scarlet’s walk

tori’s opening artist, yoav was the true highlight of the entire show.  originally from cape town, south africa, yoav is a one man band that takes every instrumental line of music and improvises it through the simplicity of his acoustic guitar.  mesmerizing while he’s making synthesized beats by slapping the base and echoing different recorded background noises through his foot pedals, yoav clearly stated for all to see that his sound truly had something to offer.  although he played only a short time, every single tori fan seemed entranced by his live performance and were given the realization that his music truly had soulful meaning. 

yoav described a story of when he was fifteen, that he loved to go to concerts back home and how this one night he went to see crowded house play, the band had asked their audience if anyone wanted to come up and sing with them. a young yoav was standing near the front row, comfortably went up on stage, blew everyone away and received a standing ovation.  at that point, he knew in his life that it was time to make music. 

yoav’s anticipated debut charmed & stranged will be released through field recordings in early 2008.

l i s t e n

club thing
where is my mind [pixies]

tori amos photography by high tea 

5 Responses

  1. alive

    beautiful photo…I’ve seen her a handful of times and she always takes me on a journey…she is simply magical!

  2. Princess Haiku

    Sorry, phone rang when posting… the new songs you present on this musical palette are wonderful. Enjoyed the articles too and glad that the tori concert was sublime.
    /Living for Art

  3. sally

    beautiful post, thanks for sharing your thoughts! x_x i went to see tori last night and agree — yoav is amazing!!