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For years, depression has been seen as something imaginary by the world.  Some believe if they are sad, that it’s easy to get over. Most don’t understand that pain is real.  Only those that are strong enough to admit that depression is something that they have struggled through, realize that it takes a lot more than trying to forget what you’re feeling.

It’s a honest discussion to be a part of.  There’s many levels of trial and tribulations.   It can take years to discover why you feel the way you do.  It can take decades of therapy to discover how to better yourself.  The tears, mood swings and anger all become a part of baby steps. Those that challenge their own sincerity, find similarities in their own desires of why they choose toxic friends, lovers, family members. Understanding why one thinks they deserve them becomes the hardest part. Depression is a life altering force that either completely takes over to destroy or makes a heart become so strong that no one can even come close to touch. As the objection lands, the only way to get through is to believe that life does get better, that there are good people out there,  and many exciting brand new adventures waiting behind the door…

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6 Responses

  1. Jackie Evancho

    Depression is sometimes is really good to have, because you change your mind, understand what is important and what is not. It is eye opener for you if it not last for too long.

  2. Alex Spanky

    Hello my dears , smile to the universal gipsy love.
    I use my music to connect with the source of happiness
    here for you too my new mix:
    im an italian dj producer
    enjoy it

  3. Derek Jordan

    I used to suffer from depression. In fact, what I had/have (if I didn’t take medicine it would come back) was called depersonalization, also referred to as derealization. It is a condition where you feel like everything is fake, your vision is gray, foggy, almost dream-like. When lots of action is going on, it hurts your eyes and head. If it wasn’t for it though, my music wouldn’t be as influenced by the way we think and live.