a thousand shark’s teeth…

on june 17, my brightest diamond shares her sophomore release a thousand shark’s teeth. recorded in berlin, new york and los angeles featuring twenty different contributing musicians and inspired by robert parke harrison’s imaginary photography, the paintings of anslem keifer, music of tom waits, tricky and french composer maurice ravel, so many beautiful elements are presented. flowing inside dark string arrangements against poetic lyrics, sincere heartfelt breaths and screams while theatrical pulsations penetrating through drums and hypnotic bass demonstrate a high class quality of magic and sound.


inside a boy

photograph by robert parke harrison

8 Responses

  1. Simon

    A thousand shark’s teeth is the best cd of 2008 without any doubt , some songs on it are masterpeice

  2. Jazz

    Thanks for that! Made my day . . . which I expect to be made again a few more times before nightfall . . .

  3. atomik

    That cd is gonna RULE. Have you ever heard any of her stuff with her former band, Awry? I didn’t even know they existed til like two days ago, but now I’m so addicted. Their cd rules.