album of the month

when november comes around, it always seems fitting to hear
nick cave & the bad seeds 
*abattoir blues/the lyre of orpheus*

perfect for those bitter cold stormy nights with a few candles lit and just the sound of the wind amongst raindrops, nick cave presents his lucky thirteenth album with such a real sensation of what it may feel like to experience heaven and hell colliding.

released in 2004 and based as a two cd presentation, the main theme sets in on the desperation and struggle behind searching for a sense of inspiration and the insane reaction of what happens when you actually find it. each coordinated disc presents a different side to the situation; the *abattoir blues* contains chaotic and bruised loud memories along with the grace of london’s community gospel choir, while *the lyres of orpheus* depicts the true ancient story hidden inside the lyrics under such soft and calming pretenses.

by never slipping into competition between each other’s direction, the meaning continues a celebration of remaining wild but content in a world full of disorder.  brilliantly combining gentle acoustics, church organs, prayer-like harmonies, mexican maracas, bluesy guitars and penetrating drums, the textured music carries on a soulful progression to an entirely different creative, emotional and spiritual level.


you have a heart and i have a key
lie back and let me unlock you
cannibal’s hymn

6 Responses

  1. Darren

    No doubt Nick Cave is real, great, artist. About this album my impression is that musically he gets more in “Tindersticks Special Feeling” direction and I don’t mind that at all, on contrary I love it. Is that only my observation?
    Best wishes from sunny but cold Republic of Macedonia.

  2. Rachel

    I couldn’t agree more, Nick Cave’s “gentle accoustics” are perfect for those stormy nights indeed. Too bad in southern Cali there are not many stromy nights so I kind of have to create my own. 🙂