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after the jump fest was about being surrounded by amazing writers and artists who are passionate about music, contributing thousands of dollars for public music programs in a city that is loved, and meeting musicians and new friends that were so complimentary, talented and kind, who mutually believed in what each other was creating.

please be sure to enjoy these q&a’s that were answered by half of the after the jump bands that played this year’s brooklyn festival. each shared their own special mixtape along with several different responses to a series of questions including their favorite albums of 2008.

health * pattern is movement * project jenny, project jan * pela * the shackeltons * ponytail * the forms * fiasco * dinowalrus * autodrone * wakey! wakey! * monotract * extra life * brilliant sweaters * the swimmers * papercranes

the shackeltons‘ passion really was quite the highlight during the day of after the jump fest. watching their performance decorated in tree branches, leaves and flowers that singer mark redding peered through, triumphantly held and sang with complete poetic confrontation, making those in attendance feel as if they were cast under the music’s own chaotic spell. as requested and energized by the band, the young children standing in front helped to throw the leaves that fell to the ground back up onto the stage and seemed to love every single minute of it. one of the best shows seen in awhile, all i could truly do was sit under the sun and smile.

listen to :: your movement

the shackeltons’ debut may be found on loveless records.

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images. bryan bruchman, jackie roman & bob sanderson

see the after the jump flickr set

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  1. andy

    i just want to thank you for having such a great site. you’re the only place that i can come back to time after time for inspiration!

  2. Roland

    Amazing features! I should’ve come, but was a bit exhausted from three shows last week. Anyhow, great job and can’t wait for the next one!

    ps – it’s (I only know ’cause I worked there for a while…)