after the jump sxsw mixtape.

After the Jump is proud to present our second annual Official SXSW Showcase, and Unoffical SXSW House Party, complete with emerging bands that are sure to become known favorites this year.


On Thursday, March 19th, The Official ATJ/SXSW Showcase will be from 8pm to 2am, at The Rusty Spurs Saloon, 405 East 7th Street in Austin. The band line-up features Bearsuit, Drink Up Buttercup, Fight Bite, The Bloodsugars, Eugene McGuinness, and A Classic Education. A badge or wristband is required.

On Friday, March 20th, The Unofficial ATJ House Party will be from 1pm to 11pm, at 1204 Salina Street on the East Side of Austin. The band line-up features Superdrag, Evangelicals, Parenthetical Girls, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Cause Co-Motion, Super 400, Nite Jewel, Muggabears, Howlies, Vermillion Lies, Young Coyotes, Fingaar Bangaar, and US Royalty. Free Red Stripe and Vitamin Water will be provided, and Rugby by Ralph Lauren will be giving away gifts and prizes. All are welcome, RSVP via Facebook!


Mission IO Must Not Fail :: Bearsuit
Young Ladies :: Drink Up Buttercup
Swissex Lover :: Fight Bite
Bloody Mary :: The Bloodsugars
Bird On a Wire :: Eugene McGuinness
Stay Son :: A Classic Education
Sucked Out :: Superdrag
Come Saturday :: Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
I Lie Awake :: Cause Co-Motion
Skeleton Man :: Evangelicals
Weak For Me :: Nite Jewel
Chimera :: Howlies
Raincoats :: US Royalty
The Goth Tarts :: Muggabears
Push Back Now :: Super 400
Global Warming :: Vermillion Lies
Momentary Drowning :: Young Coyotes
A Song For Ellie Greenwich :: Parenthetical Girls


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