almost forgot myself again

did you know that Alan Ball wrote the movie americanbeauty and also co-created hbo’s wonderful series sixfeetunder? alan asked the star of american beauty, actress mena suvari to be his guest in a few favorite sfu episodes.

six feet under has received a total of 32 Emmy nominations and has won seven times; they also have been nominated for eight Golden Globes, winning three.although many people are now beginning to see the beauty of six feet under, this show never received the true recognition that it deserved because most people couldn’t and didn’t want to understand the realty inside and outside of death. the writers’ gave an open-minded spectrum of life changing sequences and most importantly, expressed their views and political beliefs passionately without a second thought. there were no lies, no cover-ups, no falsifications. there was only the truth.

we need more of that.

[from episode 62 :: static]

claire: support our troops??
what a bunch of bullshit!

grieving mom: i don’t know
what you want me to do.

claire: why don’t you try driving something that doesn’t require so much gas for starters, if yr so fucking concerned?

ted: c’mon claire, let’s go inside.

claire: yeah, we wouldn’t want to offend anybody while they are supporting OUR TROOPS!!

david: claire! shut up!

claire: dozens of fucking iraqis are dying everyday while the whole world hates us for going in there in the first place! and terrorists are still gonna be blowing shit up in this country for the next hundred years and the best thing SHE can think to do about it is by putting a sticker on that enormous shit box.

you know… they still bring the wounded soldiers back at night so the press can’t even film it and nobody sees. american soldiers are still being fucked up everyday, and they don’t even tell us, and its all so you can put gas in that enormous fucking car of yours to keep everybody feeling really fucking american!

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