and he told me that i have to save myself

Moonrats are originally from Seattle but are now living in Los Angeles. they are aska, nathan, and jason. i recently discovered them while at work. (i work at a cafe/venue/lounge) we get a lot of local bands. you know . . . OC bands coming in with an army of kids who all have the same skunk hair and tight pants. i mean they’re not all bad but sometimes they’re just not my cup of tea.

last saturday i worked door. when i heard Moonrats set i thought ‘dang who’s this?’ so i got up off my little chair to peek through the door. it was the three people who i had observed earlier coming in and out to smoke on the bench while the other bands played as i doodled on my clipboard. i wish i could’ve gone in to watch their set (next time) but i had to finish working door for the last band. so i guess in the end being outside for a few hours wasn’t too bad. i found a decent band who could play good music. their set was pretty short because the other bands were taking too long and the show had started late but it was good nonetheless. it’s probably because they’re from Seattle and now LA and have that Seattle/LA combined coolness to them.

check them out.

Goodbye Baby
Sway With Me

Moonrats on myspace.

today is a gloomy day outside. here’s some of Yumiko Kayukawa‘s art to brighten things up. aska reminds me of one of Yumiko’s girls. i love her art it makes me melt with happiness.

art by Yumiko Kayukawa

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  1. music is art

    i enjoyed this M! 🙂

    noticed their producer ryan hadlock also recorded blonde redhead…. similar vein, love it.