andrew bird :: black sessions

i was getting ready to be a threat
i was getting set for my
accidental suicide

the kind where no one dies
no one looks too surprised
then you realize
that you’re riding on a para-success
of a heavy-handed metaphor
and a feeling like you’ve been here before
because you’ve been here before
and you’ve been here before

andrew bird
live :: 03.21.05

this show is truly beautiful, so many different elements of andrew are brought in, sharing another level that is purely magical.

a nervous tic motion of the head to the left
measuring cups
banking on a myth
fake palindromes
armchair apocalypse
tables and chairs
capital isle
keep your lamp trimmed and burning

artwork. otto dix

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8 Responses

  1. musicisart

    thankyou volker! sorry the post format is a lil messed up. “to the left” is apart of “a nervous tic motion of the head to the left”.. hope you’re not too confused.

  2. Volker

    Thanx a lot for the great show! Unfortunatetly, the song no.6 “to the left” is linked to no. 5 “a nervous tic motion of the head”. Could you change that please? Anyway, I like you blog a lot, especially the combination of music and art. Found some interesting artists here, thanx also for that!

  3. The Pelican’s Perch - » Links!

    […] Andrew Bird: Black Sessions live concert 2/25/05.  I’ve never found them online like this, but have always loved this live set.  Thanks to Music is Art for these. […]

  4. Francis

    Wow, this might be the best live recording of “Capital I” I’ve heard yet. Thanks for posting!

  5. music is art

    i truly apologize.. they should be all working perfectly now 😉

  6. Michael

    Could you repost Masterfade and Table s and Chairs? The complete file doesn’t seem to be there. All the others downloaded just fine. Thanks for this great show and great sound quality!

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for sharing all these sessions! I’d love to know how you get them though because I love those sessions to death and they have so many bands on their site!