angels watching over us

~*~ art by joe sorrenback to black
amy winehouse
[back to black 2007]

keep the car running
arcade fire
[neon bible 2007]

march into the sea
modest mouse
[we were dead before the ship even sank 2007]

northern whale
the good, the bad & the queen
[the good, the bad & the queen 2007]

dont lose yourself
laura veirs
[saltbreakers 2007]

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    i totally dig the love for amy winehouse. i’m a fan too. i also wanted to say i dig your site. thanks for posting that radiohead show from the summer. it’s on the level of the ‘roo and copenhagen shows that same year. anyway check out my blog: a little music, a little news, a little design, and personal ish.

    holla. keep doin’ your thing.

  2. Alli

    Ahhh I love you! I’ve been looking all over for an mp3 of Northern Whale, and finally somebody has it, yay.
    And the Amy Winehouse is amazing:]

  3. music is art

    thankyou alt gramma! those are my favorites too… dont be too hard on yrself, its ok for a lil work and play 😀

  4. alt-gramma

    Nice set — I especially like the Amy Winehouse and Laura Veirs.

    Now tell me to get off the computer and do my work!