another new year to live again

so young [ronettes] [knitting factory 2001] :: antony & the johnsons

use me [bill withers] [boston, avalon 1998] :: fiona apple

cant exist [kexp radio 2005] :: joseph arthur

you’re the one that i want [kcrw acoustic 2004] :: beck & sia

grace [london.meltdown festival 1995] :: jeff buckley

just as i should be [wnyc spinning on air 2005] :: diane cluck

my way home [northhampton, iron music hall 2005] :: citizen cope

reitschule [bbc peel sessions 2001] :: do make say think

funny time of year [berlin 2003] :: beth gibbons & rustin man

hints [kexp radio 2006] :: jose gonzalez

shells [baltimore, fletchers 1997] :: patty griffin

shift [paris, acoustic sessions 2005] :: grizzly bear

meet ze monsta [paris, black sessions 1998] :: pj harvey

heartbeats [bbc one music session 2005] :: the knife

ghost highway [paris, black sessions 1993] :: mazzy star

third planet [seattle, breakroom 1998] :: modest mouse

golden star [planet claire session 2005] :: my brightest diamond

live again [nashville, 12th & porter 2005] :: ours

house of cards [bank boston pavillion 2006] :: radiohead

secret [paris, black sessions 2005] :: emilie simon

i didnt understand [paris, black sessions 1998] :: elliott smith

chicago [wnyc spinning on air 2003] :: sufjan stevens

undercover [iceland, poppland 2003] :: worm is green

art by ray caesar

10 Responses

  1. Ryan D

    “So Young” is still a beautiful, beautiful song. Thank you thank you thank you again again again 🙂

  2. music is art

    thanks ben and lucy 🙂

    squashie… have no worries.

    thanks docta ~ im glad that you enjoyed *funny time of year*.. its so beautiful, the way her fragile vocals linger and crash, no matter what she’s apart of.. she still maintains those unforgettable qualities. make sure to check out the rest of the berlin show, its great!

  3. doctashock

    Thanks for this post… I’ve been reading your RSS feed for a while now.

    Back when “Out of Season” was first released I was thinking about picking it up but the guys at my old record shop were divided in their opinions about it. (I seem to recall a lot of them saying “It’s cool, but it’s not Portishead”) Consequentally it got lost amongst the shuffle of “albums I’ll get around to picking up eventually”.

    Listening to this track though I am realizing how much of Beth’s vocals are what made Portishead what they were (or still are considering the new album in the works). Stripped of the electronic elements and downtempo break beats, all of the moody tone and atmospherics that I love about Portishead still permeate this particular song. I’ll have to check out the studio version and the rest of that album.

  4. music is art

    happy new year! 🙂 ray caesar is the beautiful artist, one of my favorites.

  5. sebalaura

    thanks for the post and happy new year!
    who made the beautiful artworks?