another one goes, another one goes by

[.you’re living in a fantasy.]

no drugs
just high from the heat
its a warm weekend
let’s go to a midnite show
the walkmen at the knitting factory
we stood at the stage
his microphone cord wrapped around my neck
as he screamed in my ear
this is art
i can still feel it

a few years ago, after spending a day in soho dreaming in cafes and record shops.. we were recommended by the kind staff at rocks in yr head to go see the walkmen. that lovely evening they played 3 sold out knitting factory shows in one night while true fans waited patiently in fragile anticipation for hours.

my friend and i didn’t really know what to expect, but when the music began something special was happening. their first album, everyone who pretended to like me is gone had just been released and they were sharing live unfinished pieces of bows & arrows.

it was amazing to see the walkmen live in new york city to only remember the way their organ prominently lingered reassuringly walking down the city streets with a show afterglow, towards home in wonder and awe excitedly ready to listen again to their music, realizing that something beyond brilliant was just witnessed and heard.

i love love love the walkmen. for when those days come and its time to listen, their albums can’t help but bring back memories of all those tiny details we sometimes forget.
this is art.

listen to: another one goes by, lost in boston

walkmen/calla ~ look out the window