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hailing from san francisco, ca, thee more shallows create multi-layered musical intensity full of synthesized moments, flashes of post-rock, pulsating drum breaks, lush strings and narrative whispered vocals settling into loud cries, that share an experimental story without overdoing it. after struggling to find a more dedicated label, the trio signed to anticon records in 2007 releasing their third full-length studio album book of bad breaks, taking elements from their past work and logically progressing from everything they ever recorded.

l i s t e n

night at the knight school [book of bad breaks, 2007]
freshman thesis [more deep cuts, 2004]
2am [more deep cuts, 2004]

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6 Responses

  1. musicisart

    awww thankyou for visiting MIA, it makes me happy to be able to share things that i truly love with people who appreciate and get it 🙂

    sunnyg — yr very kind, thanks for offering to share the track with callie.

  2. Sunny G

    Thanks for the post and bringing us new music to our ears and lives, MIA.

    Callie, I have that track, you could send me your email if you want and I will send you the Johnny Duncan + Janie Fricke version of ‘Come a Little Bit Closer’


  3. Callie

    Hey MIA,

    I love what you do for this blog… it must take up so much of your time. I look forward to everrrry post!

    I have a request. I truly have look everywhere for this mp3, it’s not even on itunes.

    Johnny Duncan and Janie Fricke covered a Jay and the Americans song titled “Come a little bit closer” I grew up listening to this song– do you think you’d be able to find it?