anything for now

the first time i heard do make say think‘s magnificent second album goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead, it absolutely blew me away. introducing light jazz to ambience, strictly building from a subtle beginning to an explosive ending, the swirly shoegazer epic sound effects brought to mind stunning cinematic images.

recorded inside a barn, most of their music truly rests on a completely haunting and dark engaging theme. at the right moment, their distortion is up, the horns are out of control and if you listen closely inside the silence you will notice that feeling of being outside, a true seasonal night with sounds of crickets and the taste of fresh cool air.

if you have the time to go for a drive or close yr eyes, this is highly recommended for anyone interested in escaping..

from goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead [2000]

+++highly recommended+++ bbc peel sessions [10.4.2000]

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