Aquello que hechizaba mi jardin.

Grizzly Bear – don’t ask (alpha remix)

Just let me clear something out: Grizzly Bear’s music is not psychedelic, eerie nor haunting and it doesn’t sound anything like Animal Collective. That said, they do have some dizzy, sweet & atmospheric quality to their melodies and a fine ear for crispy arrangements that keep things interesting for the most part. They’be been getting some good love around the blogosphere this month due to their new album, and whether they deserve the hype or not you’ll have to judge for yourself. This song comes from the horn of plenty remixes from last year and it’s a beautiful ballad I’ve been stuck with lately.

The White Birch – the white birds

I bought the white birch album around june due to several positive reviews I read around the web, the album was actually released last year but I wasn’t aware of the existence of the band until I bumped accidentaly to them whilst looking info for another nordic band. I gave a few spins to the album in the first months of summer but it didn’t affected me as much as I thought it would and it started gathering dust at my desk, then I started listening to it seriously two weeks ago and it’s been growing really fast since then, probably because the album is more ripe to be played in autumn than in summer.

The closest thing I can relate it to is halfway between The Tindersticks and Rh’s Kid A (or… the sort of album you’d expect the tindersticks to make if they’d changed to a norwegian producer, raked the leaves, naked their emotions completely and expanded their sound palette times ten). The record’s production is pure cristalline beauty and once you get used to Ola Flottum’s soft baritone voice you’ll start noticing the amount of secrets the music hides in between the layers of instruments. This is truly amongst the most gorgeous and dreamy work I’ve heard this year and I strongly suggest you to pick it as an album to keep spinning on for the following months.

Z-Trip/Run Run Run – Fade Into You

I can’t remember where this came from but it seems apt inside this post. It’s remix Z-trip did for run run run’s rendition of the mazzy star classic. Of course, you can’t beat the delicate beauty of the original or even attempt to compete with Hope Sandoval’s incredibly sexy voice so a cover might seem completely unnecesary, I’m guessing Run run run knew this and so they took the song into the ever grateful pop territory, Dj Z’s touch manage to spice things up in the song and makes for a nice reworking that shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

Image: The way children see the world.

3 Responses

  1. Squashed

    that white birch is very nice. The mazzy start cover doesn’t tickle me tho’. It’s not as mysterious as the original.

  2. fifth muse

    I’m in love with the white birch, apparently the’ve split up and there’s only ola left in the band 🙁

    Also, have you listened to Susanna and the Magical Orchestra? Sussana Wallumrod collaborates on song “june”. They have a nice cover of “love will tear us apart”.

  3. music is art

    moka, i could never be mad at you. well… haha

    beautiful, dreamy selection of songs. you beated me to the *fade into you* 😉 the grizzly is dizzy and thankyou for an introduction to the white birch. a lovely way to start an early morning.

    p.s. ill be posting something for the motel soon.