art shows.

our favorite, joshua petker, will be showcasing his beautiful magical art work at a few local galleries on the west coast this weekend. we are very excited for him, as this is just the beginning and know good things are instore. please go and support joshua — he truly thanks you.

may 13, 2006
c note :: project gallery :: los angeles
amazing artists, all paintings are $100!
email for more info
there exist many groups dedicated to supporting the arts, but project: seeks to do more. project: has set a goal of bringing together the best elements of art, music, technology and culture to form a constantly evolving experience. more than just a gallery, more than a mere party, more than a simple concert – each project: event is designed to inspire those in attendance and build a network of exposure for the creative forces involved.

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  1. Tom

    i really enjoy this new blog of yours. thanks so much for sharing all this great music and art.
    really amazing.