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[recently, aunia kahn wrote to me about possibly sharing her work on music is art. after spending time taking in her mixed media of personal photography and digital painting, it felt more than important to share her emotional message.

while living in illinois, aunia began her art career in 2005 after a friend persuaded her to submit work to an exhibit run by the st. louis artists’ guild called “voices within: surviving through the arts.” not only were the viewers and attendees affected by her beautiful work but it also became a true therapeutic movement of her own. for the next few years, aunia created art as a form of self therapy, working on her heart and mind, vulnerably giving everything of herself to be known. in 2007, she was apart of over 70 art shows nationwide, supporting special causes related to domestic violence and animal cruelty, openly projecting her inspiration live.]

I feel the need to listen to music almost all the time when I create. It helps me either with my mood or to promote a mood. It is like a friend to me through the creative process. I also have a high attachment to music, not only because I feel it, I am a creator of it as well.

Self taught in the arts, I have been engaging in some form of art/expression since I can remember. I claim my inspiration from pure emotions; powerful and oftentimes personal, ranging from love, anger, betrayal and the scores in-between. I feel honoring the human soul, spirit and determination wholeheartedly breathes life into my creations and my hope is that the images and expressions fuel the desire for life and walk a path of their own through each of my viewer’s interpretations.

Almost all of the work that I create depicts women and women’s issues; with that being said I use myself as a way to express my emotions which keeps me close to my soul as a creator. I feel that as I continue to evolve and explore the human spirit with flights and pursuits I gain new ground in my motivation to create my own world. I spend a majority of my time continuing my mostly self-taught artistic endeavors and maintaining and growing in skills, not only with my artist brush, but though my need to express my life and feelings though music, performance, design and writing.

Aunia’s Favorite Songs

Don’t GoWumpscut [evoke, 2005]
AssimilateSkinny Puppy [this is electronic, 1988]
Death BedCombichrist [what the fuck, 2007]
ChainSwitchblade Symphony [scrapbook, 1997]
Nobody Knows MeMadonna [american life, 2003]
We Stand AloneCovenant [northern light, 2002]
Capital GNIN [year zero, 2007]
JoyVNV Nation [praise the fallen, 1999]
TearjerkerKorn [see you on the other side, 2005]
Le DiskoShiny Toy Guns [we are pilots, 2006]
DrawbackX Marks the Pedwalk [drawback, 1996]
15 Feet of Pure White SnowNick Cave [no more shall, 2001]

art, words & playlist by aunia kahn

8 Responses

  1. Aunia Kahn

    I want to thank everyone else who has commented and supported this feature. I am honored to put music and art together as a love of my life. It means so much to me. Thanks again!

  2. Plei

    Wow! that was a wonderfully beautiful and fun painting of the woman and man and spider! I really love it! It’s unusual and sexy too, very iconic and robust, real luscious. Thank you

  3. carrie

    i’m always left in awe from this site! thanks danielle for sharing aunia’s work =)