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living in brooklyn, new york, danielle lamberti is a colorful painter and illustrator. growing up, she loved to draw and was extremely influenced by attending an all girl catholic high school surrounded in a fast-paced cultural environment. over the past few years, she interned for the jonathan levine gallery in new york city where she assisted on installation projects for artists jeff soto and camille rose garcia, and developed a true appreciation for fine art. inside of danielle’s own work, complimentary with bright tones of rainbows and child-like imagination, a soft and feminine quality lies within her character dolls. however without overshadowing her lowbrow and superflat artistic style, hidden close underneath the doe-eyed expressions seems to be a sincere darkness that portrays subtle hints of joy and sadness.

How does music influence your art?

With out music I probably wouldn’t be painting. My first character I ever drew was a little walking egg character that I doodled while listening to the Beastie Boys song “egg man” from their Paul’s Boutique album. Which in my opinion is the best album of all time. I was stuck a few years ago about which direction I wanted to go in. So I bought Paul’s Boutique and I was hooked on the Beastie’s sense of humor. Ever since then I was painting humorous girls and little creatures…

Danielle Lamberti’s Favorite Songs

Paul Revere :: Beastie Boys
[Licensed to Ill, 1986]

Egg man :: Beastie Boys
[Paul’s Boutique, 1989]

Girls :: Beastie Boys
[Licensed to Ill, 1986]

Sleep walk :: Santo & Johnny
[Santo & Johnny Ep, 1959]

The very thought of you :: Billie Holiday
[The Legacy Box, 1933]

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