artist feature :: kelly haigh

recently, i asked beautiful artist kelly haigh does music influence her art..
and this is how she kindly responded.

Music has a huge influence on what I paint.
I need to hear music to get me going,
or I cannot manage to pick up a paint brush.

Neko Case’s music is especially visual, and when I listen to her, magical pictures come to me, without having to actually look at anything. Finding, or creating images through the influence of words is a very appealing way to come up with ideas. (Far better than looking at what other’s are doing.) Bob Dylan’s music is the same deal.
It is so visual as well.

I guess that’s it…
the music I choose has strong visual ideas,
but even more…it is fun to sing
and dance to while I am painting.
I manage to lose myself
and before I know it, by the end of the day,
a brand new painting sits before me,
and I have no idea where it came from!

..kelly’s favorite songs..

‘Hold On, Hold On’ by Neko Case because I love to sing along really really loud.

‘Deep Red Bells’ by Neko Case because it’s dark and makes me really think about dark things…

‘The one that got away (with it)’ by Carolyn Mark because i listened to that song about twenty times in a row while I painted the cover for that album… somehow, the image just came out … from within the songs themselves…

‘Just Like Tom Thumb Blues’ by Bob Dylan because it gives me the same dreamy feeling i got walking through the cemeteries in Prague…

‘Nobody Broke Your Heart’ by Ashley Park (even though it’s my own band… It just makes me happy to hear, and i love the words that Terry writes. )

art, words & playlist by kelly haigh

9 Responses

  1. Bec D

    Copied Mark Ryden, isn’t half as good at painting as he is, or as imaginative. Makes me sad.

  2. Alain Gagnon

    Great spirit and inspiration for your influence painting. So, today I decide Neko is my english professor…(because my english is very poor)

    Salutations and congratulations

    Alain from Québec City

  3. Jeffery Palmer

    Kelly’s work is truly outstanding…..the skies of different colored light and ominous clouds are remarkable. It would probably be incorrect to classify her work as surrealistic….I’d have to say that her work would be closer to a genre that has yet to be categorized. She has a true fan in me, that’s for certain.

  4. ~karla

    Hey Kelly,

    Your art is delightful at first until you notice the blood spatter… very interesting and provocative. Delightful in a twisted, menacing way. I love it.


  5. musicisart

    thankyou! very glad you enjoy kelly’s work. love always the look of the sky backdrop behind each painting, so beautiful 🙂