artist feature :: M

its time for a new feature here at musicisart,
where we ask our favorite artists
to let us know why they love music.

there are so many talented creators out there who understand how much music and art complete one another… in the coming weeks, we’re delighted to share with you some very special people.

if yr an amazing artist that would enjoy to contribute or wish to recommend someone, please email us, we’d love to hear from you!~

art & words by M

i live for Music. i do my part by keeping it alive. i wake to it. i breathe it. i sleep it. i dream it. with Music i feel like i can create the art i want. if theres nothing playing then theres something cant just do art. you have to feel it.
and Music enhances these feelings. so i have to listen to something that fits well with my mood. it has to flow with my mind. with the lines. with every color.

songs im digging right now.

Mylo :: Drop the Pressure

Hot Chip :: And I Was A Boy From School

Ella Fitzgerald :: Slap That Bass
(Miguel Migs Petalpusher Remix)

songs i have to listen to at least once a day.

M83 :: Dont Save Us From The Flames
this track makes me smile. its just good.

Sigur Ros :: Hoppipolla
this track makes me so happy. whenever i hear this i feel like a child again. i feel like running away. finding a grass hill. laying on my back. staring at the night sky. all while blasting this. i still havent found anyone who will do this with me.

3 Responses

  1. placidian

    I didn’t take any songs, but I just had to say the art is amazing, that’s all.Thank yoU!

  2. Charlie

    In the orchestral break of Hoppipolla…in just that span of seconds..I feel like everything is going to work out.