artwork is love made visible

to me, everything in my world is visual. i see to music, i see to words, i see to dreams. like as if the sky was falling, im spellbound and emotional and speechless when i stumble upon beautiful art.

i asked one of my favorite artists
kris lewis

how does music influence yr creative process?

Music is an essential part of my painting environment. I choose my music to match and support the mood of what I’m painting, the styles have to be in synch with one another. The right music will amplify and complement my creative process and just makes for a better creative atmosphere. Although I don’t specifically look for inspiration in music, I’m open to it’s influence upon my mood, my tone, and my art – it’s just one element of the total environment that lends to creating something heartfelt and new.

…favorite songs to listen to while creating…

arcade fire :: neighborhood #1 (tunnels)
elliott smith :: speed trials
the clash :: straight to hell
the shins :: those to come
interpol :: length of love
radiohead :: let down
sigur ros :: glosoli

paintings by kris lewis.

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    neighborhood #1 is one of my favorite songs of all time. i have created and thought up so many things while listening to it. let down is in my top ten as well. one of the other songs you might want to think about adding is “interstate 8” by modest mouse. the song is just lovely.

  2. Hugo

    As always, the music selection is magnificent! Keep up the excellent work, this blog is truly special.

  3. Anonymous

    sometimes I come here just to stare at how beautiful this site is.

    don’t ever stop what your doing.