as i drift off…

i use to believe for years that there were cameras surrounding me. that my life felt like a movie — in the ways life could change, all those different people, tragedies, traumas, beautiful experiences were things to learn from and that the ten thousand feelings that could take over only ever meant one thing.. it wasn’t a movie, it was real.

there was always just a good soundtrack.

eluvium is all behind the main mind of composer, matthew cooper. living in portland, oregon, he has been sharing a calming and classical approach to the post rock genre for the past few years. his unfiltered ways of orchestral textures gently border the lines of true elegance, easily recognizing piano, strings, brass and keyboards as a sign of beauty. at times, overwhelmingly secret emotions streaming from soft and intimate patterns comfortably take over and certainly prove they are worth every single minute. apart of the label temporary residence, eluvium will be the opening guests to explosions in the sky for their wonderful winter 2007 tour.

matthew’s choice of artwork by friend jeannie pask has been perfectly fitting upon his last ep “when i live by the garden and the sea” and for the new upcoming album, “copia”

l i s t e n

prelude for time feelers [copia 2007]

i will not forget that i have forgotten
[when i live by the garden and the sea 2006]

under the water it glowed
[lambent material 2003]

the cover artwork of explosions in the sky‘s new album “all of the sudden, i miss everyone” designed by esteban rey creates a feeling reminiscent of van gogh’s paintings. its been fourteen hundred days since the last release but this quartet sure have made magic happen once again, fearlessly giving six songs including a thirteen minute epic, documenting a hidden feeling from those silent years. their sudden post rock instrumentals immerse experimental ranges of violent percussion acting like storms colliding as drumming stirs of wind penetrate like waves inside peaceful notes of circling guitars.l i s t e n

welcome, ghosts
[all of the sudden, i miss everyone 2007]

[the earth is not a cold dead place 2003]

a poor man’s memory
[those who tell the truth shall die,
those who tell the truth shall live forever 2001]

images. eluvium, explosions in the sky

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I was familiar with EiTS, but not Eluvium – gorgeous! Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  2. Squashed

    hey this post is popular. I never know Hypem crowd loves Explosion in the sky so much.

  3. Anonymous

    eluvium is amazing. and the fact that they are opening for explosions in the sky makes the whole thing so much more amazing. love seeing them on mia.