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ATJ presents CRYSTAL ANTLERS, Wed. October 22, 2008, for After the Jump’s CMJ Showcase at the Knitting Factory NYC, performing on the Main Stage with Starfucker, Unicycle Loves You, Bad Veins, Heloise and the Savoir Faire, and Juvelen.

Listen :: A Thousand Eyes

MIA: Musically, how did the band form, what past experiences do you carry with you?

JONNY: Kevin, our old guitar player Errol and I all have been playing in bands together and apart since high school, mostly punk bands. Victor’s father is a professional mariachi and Andrew and Damian had meet while playing with HR from bad brains. We knew both Andrew and Damian from them just being around in many bands.

MIA: Describe the feeling of living and making music in your city, feel free to share a memory or a certain place that makes you feel like home.

JONNY: We don’t really make music in our city, most of it comes out of Damian’s house in Anaheim. There is a family steakhouse called the prospector that has shows a couple nights a week in between football games and karaoke. It definitely feels like home when we play there.

MIA: Do you enjoy to perform live? How does the band like to get ready and is there a favorite song that you like to play for your audience?

JONNY: We usually listen to the Getto Boys before we play. We always play Parting Song for The Torn Sky, even though it’s the first song we wrote a few years ago.

MIA: What has been the most impacting compliment, or criticism, your band has ever received?

JONNY: Someone last night at our show in Denver told us they were inspired to play music after watching us, hearing things like that is always encouraging.

MIA: Within your songwriting, is there some type of element that has brought about a certain mood in yr writing, making you feel more/less different than when you started? How long has the recording process taken to complete your album and to finally believe that it’s ready?

JONNY: I would say that feelings often change and are reflected in our songs. We are going to record and mix our record in 9 days this November in San Francisco.

MIA: What qualities do you hope listeners may take from listening to your music?

JONNY: I want them to notice things that I don’t even notice, and for them to tell me about them.

MIA: Any recommended records so far of ‘08?

JONNY: We’ve been really busy working on our own stuff and haven’t had much time this year to check out any of the new bands records. We’ve played a couple shows with Abe Vigoda lately and I would like to check out their record.

MIA: Name a visual artist or piece of work that inspires you.

JONNY: I find the works of Christo inspiring because his work is seemingly impossible, free form and ethic.

MIA: Please share a mixtape with a theme of your choice.

JONNY: The theme is B-sides of Less-Successful R&B & Rap singles produced by Russel Simmons in the late 1980’s:

Your Song by Oran “Juice” Jones
Yes We Can Can (Dub Version) by Alyson Williams
Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC
Let’s Rock by Davy D
Super Fight by Hurricane

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