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ATJ presents STARFUCKER, Wednesday, October 22, 2008, for After the Jump’s CMJ Showcase at the Knitting Factory NYC, performing at 8PM on the Main Stage, with Unicycle Loves You, Bad Veins, Crystal Antlers, Heloise & the Savoir Faire, and Juvelen.

Listen :: Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second

MIA: Musically, how did the band form, what past experiences do you carry with you?

The band started with me (Josh) in my basement making loops on my Roland loop station XL20, then playing drums over it. Its my kind of therapy.

MIA: Describe the feeling of living and making music in your city, feel free to share a memory or a certain place that makes you feel like home.

Portland is the best city I’ve seen for new bands. With things like PDX POP NOW! and the living standard being of what it is.. its easy to live here and make music and stay relatively sane.

MIA: Do you enjoy to perform live? How does the band like to get ready and is there a favorite song that you like to play for your audience?

We usually like to bicker with each other. I always like performing songs that are built live. I like free form, when we don’t know whats going to happen. I feel like that’s the space where magic can happen. Also, the song called “Dance Face 2000”, when Ryan does his dance moves, its always a good one. I have to try not to laugh usually.

MIA: What has been the most impacting compliment, or criticism, your band has ever received?

Well, I feel like I’ve learned more about what I want to express and not express from being a music fan. Just seeing other musicians doing things and being like..”that’s so awesome!”, or “wow i hope to god i never do anything like that” has helped.

MIA: Within your songwriting, is there some type of element that has brought about a certain mood in yr writing, making you feel more/less different than when you started? How long has the recording process taken to complete your album and to finally believe that it’s ready?

I could work on music forever and never say its done, but at some point you just have to say this is it. I’m usually most inspired when I’m sad or excited about something. I write all my songs for 2 or 3 good friends of mine. I just think of them, and if they’ll like it.

MIA: What qualities do you hope listeners may take from listening to your music?

I hope it is pleasing, funny and interesting to others.

MIA: Any recommended records so far of ‘08?

Well, Why?’s new album “Alopecia” is one of my favorites and what I’m listening to right now. I don’t know when it came out but Okay’s “Huggable Dust” is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

MIA: Name a visual artist or piece of work that inspires you.

Chuck Close is one that quickly comes to mind. I have a hard time articulating why though. I don’t know if its really always a good idea to try to pin down why an artist is amazing, or how they do what they do but..

MIA: Please share a mixtape with a theme of your choice.


My by Okay
Gemini (Birthday song) by Why?
Believe ESP by Deerhoof
Melody Day by Caribou
Like New by Deerhunter

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