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After the Jump presents Autodrone, this Saturday June 21st, for After the Jump Fest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, performing during the day on Galapogos free noise stage at 3:30pm.

Listen :: Through the Backwoods

MIA: Musically, how did the band form, what past experiences do you carry with you?

JEREMY: The band formed in 2001 when convicted (and since acquitted) celebrity sex offender Oliver Jovanovich gave Angel a mix tape with the song “One More” by Medicine on it, I was really inspired by that song, and felt the need to form a band to explore how total noise and stunning beauty could coexist musically in the same moment. I think that song is one of the most amazing songs ever written and it still inspires me when I hear it.

MIA: Describe the feeling of living and making music in New York, feel free to share a memory or a certain place (bar, restaurant, record store) that makes you feel like home.

JEREMY: Living and making music in NYC is a good time, to me the entire island of Manhattan feels like home, from the time when I was 15 and taking a bus into town from New Jersey to see shows at ABC No Rio, to now where I DJ at clubs like Happy Ending and Lit Lounge every week. Those places make me feel like home. My apartment on the Upper West Side makes me feel like home as well, mostly because it actually is my home.

MIA: How does the band like to get ready for a live show? Is there a favorite song that you enjoy to perform live?

JEREMY: We usually prepare by yelling and screaming at one another over every minute mundane detail so much that by the time we hit the stage we are all emotional wrecks, (i.e. I got a parking ticket? God hates me!!?? I’m going to kill myself!!!!”) My favorite song to play live is Final Days, I like any of the ones where Angel plays synths the most.

ANGEL: I like to get ready for a show by napping. My favorite song to perform live is 100,000 years of revenge.

MIA: What are your recommended records so far of ’08?

JEREMY: A Place To Bury Strangers, Dirty On Purpose, Coin Under Tongue, Au Revoir Simone, Mercurcrome, Interpol, Bellhollow Other Passengers, Unto Ashes.

ANGEL: I haven’t gotten any new albums in a really long time. A band I just found on myspace is Clockwork Radio. They are really great, atmospherey dreamy and complex, possibly slightly emo in the best of possible ways. They are from Wales. My favorite NYC bands that are currently going are Other Passengers and Flaming Fire. I also really like the Shackeltons, who are playing After the Jump Fest as well.

MIA: Name a visual artist or piece of work that inspires you.

JEREMY: Atom Egoyan, Wes Anderson & David Lynch, I love all three.

ANGEL: I feel like the Bruce Nauman piece 100 Live and Die is like the visual equivalent to our music. The foreboding fatalistic and alternately optimistic flashes and the hum of neon lights.

MIA: Please share a mixtape with a theme of your choice.

“Music to dance around to like a total crazy person”

La Musique Riot in Belgium [la musique, 2007]
Bamboo Banga M.I.A [kala, 2007]
Hustler Simian Mobile Disco [attack decay sustain release, 2007]
Da Funk Daft Punk [musique vol 1, 1996]
Ready For The Floor Hot Chip [made in the dark, 2007]
Standing in the Way Of Control (Slwx) The Gossip [2007]
D.A.N.C.E (Mstrkrft Remix) Justice [2007]
Je Veux Te Voir Yelle [pop-up, 2007]
C.Y.O.A (Streetlab Remix) HeartsRevolution [2008]
L.E.S. Artistes Santogold [santogold, 2007]
Cheated Hearts (Peaches Remix) Yeah Yeah Yeahs [2007]
Age Of Consent New Order [power corruption & lies, 1986]
Close To Me The Cure [head on the door, 1984]
We Are Rockstars
Does it Offend You? Yeah.
[you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, 2008]

images :: autodrone
(.thankyou to jeremy and angel.)

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