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After the Jump presents HEALTH, this Saturday June 21st, for After the Jump Fest in Brooklyn, NY, performing the evening benefit with Project Jenny Project Jan, Pattern is Movement, XXXchange, Titus Andronicus, and Mixel Pixel at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The show begins at 8:30.

Listen :: Lost Time (PicturePlane Remix)

MIA: What are your recommended records so far of ‘08?

JOHN: Two stand out above all others. Animal Collective – Water Curses EP and Crystal Castles self titled debut record. Water Curses is totally incredible, this is NEW music that could only have been made by one band and it goes down like chocolate milk despite being a total mind-grinder, the title track and “Street Flash” are some of the best AC songs I’ve ever heard. I really have no clue why this release has gotten very lukewarm reviews. Also Crystal Castles debut is the most addicting thing ever, incredible melodies and tones, the newest songs just KILL, tugging at yr heartstrings with so much emotion. Put on courtship dating and try not to respond. You cant.

MIA: The covers for your album are striking and colorful, reminiscent of your music. Where did the idea originally come from?

JOHN: Thank You. The covers were inspired by a lot of old ’60s albums covers, records that were really like “THIS IS AN ALBUM COVER FOR A RECORD”, we were into doing something like that, really having an “album cover” album cover, it fit well with our artwork style.

MIA: Name a visual artist or piece of work that inspires you.

JOHN: I just love Eric Copeland’s artwork, the Black Dice album covers are some of my favorite in the decade. Love the Glass Candy/Chromatics artworks (different artists do each), and I love Seripop (AIDS Wolf artwork). The most influential on my art though is old record covers mostly from the early 60’s or mid ’80s.

MIA: Please share a mixtape with a theme of your choice.


Sketch For Summer : The Durutti Column
AlisaAriel Pink’s Haunted Graffitti
No One Wants An AlienThe Wipers
Expecting To FlyBuffalo Springfield
Under The SunBlack Sabbath

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