b r e a t h e

::music selection iv::

episode 61 // static
juana molina : salvese quien pueda
at dinner, rico and vanessa are optimistic about a new funeral home.

episode 47 // coming and going
phoenix : everything is everything
claire, edie, anita and jimmy discuss their art project.

episode 41 // in case of rapture
air : cherry blossom girl
at a coffeehouse/bar, claire, anita and edie have a conversation about what they love.

episode 40 // falling into place
sia : dont bring me down
brenda is reflecting on lisa’s death and nate’s visit. joe surprises her with chinese food.

episode 25 // ill take you
telepopmusik: breathe
over morning coffee, brenda is surprised and uncomfortable to find nate reading a racy passage from the book she is writing.

love isn’t something you feel
its something you do

and if the person yr with doesn’t want it
you know, do yourself a favor
and save it for someone who does.

[nate // the rainbow of her reasons // episode 57]

.....episode 24 // the liar & the whore
doves: meet me at the pier
in claire’s hearse, parker tells her that the chinese herbs that she received as a gift from her aunt sarah, are actually magic mushrooms.

episode 23 // the secret
tosca: orozsco (dubphonic mix)
brenda sits on her porch having a smoke as two teenage boys approach. without a word she leads them into the house.

episode 22 // someone elses eye
four tet: glue of the world
billy talks with brenda about his stay in the hospital, her upcoming marriage to nate, and disengaging from his toxic relationship with her.

episode 19 // in place of anger
royksopp : sparks
nate & brenda relate the events of their day to each and both pretend that everything is alright.

episode 14 // in the game
lamb: heaven
becky lights candles, listens to music in the beach house.

episode 4 // familia
the herbaliser : a mother for your mind
brenda’s place, brenda seduces nate with candles.

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5 Responses

  1. greymatter

    Six Feet Under is such a wonderful show. This is a great idea – intertwining the music with the individual episodes. Nice post!

  2. sarah

    I had this happen to me yesterday. I was driving to go out to dinner with my friends and I was listening to Nirvana. All the sudden I became increasingly aware of everything that was going on around me; people, objects, .. movement. The colors were intense and I seemed to become invisible. I know this might seem strange considering I was driving but I seemed to be functioning there ok..

    I slowly turned my head and there was a homeless man giving me the thumbs up sign and smiling at me. It was was random and yet so .. meaningful.

    I thought of you. And knew you’d understand.


  3. Anonymous

    Ever since I came upon your blog, and saw your six feet under posts, I’ve started watching the show. It’s now become one of all time favorite shows. The music is so good. Thanks for sharing all that you do, its really appreciated.