Beautiful Dreamer

I randomly came upon an artist named Ray Caesar. After finding my way to his website, I literally dove head first into my computer screen to get a closer look at two beautiful young girls from the 18th century that had what appeared to be….tree roots for hands. And as I searched further, sequences of beautiful, detailed imagery exposed strange half human creatures in surrealist poses.

“I have always had very vivid dreams and make it a point to remember them. I began doing this many years ago as I became fascinated that we all have these strange visual experiences every single night and then within minutes we forget them as if they never existed. When you begin to remember them it gets easier and eventually you realize something quite wonderful takes place in this world and it is as rich and detailed as the waking life.”

“My work is entirely digital, from its creation to its method of printing. I create models in a three dimensional modeling software and cover these models with painted and manipulated photographic textures that wrap around them like a map on a globe”