before you kiss me you should know

why do we keep shrieking
when we mean soft things
we should be whispering all the time

5 Responses

  1. Matt R. Horon

    100,000 Firelies is my favorite Magnetic Fields song, and I’m glad you love it as well!

    I’ve thought about those lyrics so many times during the heat of love–why are we shouting when we mean soft things?

  2. Bushwick is Beautiful

    you are turning the tide, i am starting to love this band. thank you for sharing

  3. platytune

    i can think of about 69 reasons why i love stephin merritt. and i love your site as well.

  4. dynamine

    …i also have a dobro…

    according to my audioscrobbledy, i have played that very song many times. such a beautiful track…

  5. Anonymous

    i love you.
    i treasure you, danielle, and am so proud of you.

    i miss you soooooo much. its insane.

    my heart aches.