being a lady is an attitude.

woman king :: iron & wine
[from woman king 2005]

sundrum ladies :: wooden wand
[from harem of the sundrum & the witness figg 2005]

talk down the girl :: the veils
[from the runaway found 2004]

the white lady loves you more :: elliott smith
[from elliott smith 1995]

good woman :: cat power
[from live – 9.12.06 – kcrw morning becomes eclectic]

who’s that girl? :: robyn
[from robyn 2005]

my lady story :: antony & the johnstons
[from live – huw stephens bbc sessions 2005]

anthems for a seventeen year old girl :: broken social scene
[from you forgot it in people 2003]

art by sylvia ji

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I echo the sentiments of pj – a wonderful collection/playlist to match the stunning visuals. The run of Veils-Smith-Power made my little sad heart miss a beat and my weary eyes shed a tear or two. Thank-you.

  2. pj

    Great great compilation of songs

    Check out my photos. You can use them everytime you want