2017 Best Songs Collection


MUSICISART MAGAZINE 2017 Best Songs Collection

With each year, begins a fresh open book that allows an introduction from musicians to music lovers worldwide. This is a truly great time for anyone to get lost in a whole new listening session.

Beginning the best part of the research and listening to new music this year, it was to find inspiration within a lot of different genres. Although it may only be the beginning of March 2017, 265 songs worthy of enjoying have been collected in the 2017 Best Songs Collection. Not dedicated to only one style, there are singles and remixes from female and male artists showcasing talents from R&B and Future Soul to Trap and UK Garage to Indie Rock, Pop, Downtempo and Hip Hop.

Some recent favorites have included albums from:


Oddisee is an MC, producer, and rapper extraordinaire. In February 2017 he released his eleventh studio album, The Iceburg. For the first single “Digging Deep,” Oddisee doesn’t hold back about the current state of our world, and shares his hip hop instrumental beats that always carry such a poetic vibe.


Simon Green is a producer and DJ who’s been making music since 2000 under the name Bonobo. In January 2017 he released his sixth studio album, Migration. For first single “Kerala,” Bonobo provides the worldly and instrumental elements that make his music so magical, pleasant, and alluring to listen to.


SOHN is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from London. In January 2017 he released his sophmore studio album, Rennen. For the song “Conrad,” SOHN creates a colorful world of fantasy within the dark despair found inside his reality.


Sampha is a soulful R&B songwriter who has been creating collaborations with Pop artists like Beyonce, and Drake over the last few years. In January 2017 he released his debut studio album, Process. For the song “Incomplete Kisses,” Sampha showcases his hypnotic tones of soft emotion, and sultry shades of depth within his music.

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