beyonce versus lady gaga

Although most believe pop music is indeed sh*t, when it comes down to Beyonce and Lady Gaga, there’s an entertainment line to cross.  The two teamed up to create two songs together. In their latest videos, Beyonce and Lady Gaga both showcase their true performer persona’s, highlighting their showmanship with sensual dance moves, hypnotizing beats, and colorful images that are out of this world.





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  1. Kristina

    OMG I am beyonce’s #1 fan and I just bought the essence music festival cd/dvd (15th anniversary) from walmart and it was HOT!!! She sounds so good live and she is the best dancer out there forreal!!!

    If you haven’t seen the DVD or listened to the CD from last year and you are a HUGE fan of Beyonce’s then go out and get the 2009 essence cd/dvd because she is OUT OF THIS WORLD and OFF THE CHAIN!!!! ☺
    Now I HAVE to go see her in concert!!!!

  2. Loga

    Haha most pop music is sh*t, it’s a fair point in general but it’s utimately an untouchable genre, it’s always going to be there and always going to be widely enjoyed. I love to see the more indie side of music enjoying it too, I’m reminded of a video of Florence Welsh dancing and singing along to Single Ladies.

    I’m kinda ok with the fact that my music collection ranges from interpol, yeah yeah yeahs, RHCP, cardigans, the Knife right the way over to Britney, madonna and *deep breath* ABBA.

    Solid. Agree with you about the “art” of pop. Gaga does it good. thanks for the post. 😉

  3. Nicolas Naser

    I truly like Lady Gaga with her extraordinary costumes although she really let herself down this time being seen out in see through underwear.

  4. bushwick is beautiful

    haha i love it!

    i was looking for this song to download for todays music class. thought id check hype machine first, and who came up but Mia!

    just made me smile.

    thank you d.