black hearted love.

When you call out my name in rapture
I volunteer my soul for murder
I wish this moment here forever
and you are my black hearted love.

pjharvey john parrish

British artists and brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have created a mysterious and surreal video for the first single Black Hearted Love, from PJ Harvey and John Parish‘s second collaboration and haunting album A Woman A Man Walked By, scheduled to be released March 30th, 2009 through Island Records.

4 Responses

  1. Frozen Atlantic

    I loves me some PJ Harvey, but the video is a little bit better than the song. Gonna check out the full album anyway though.

    … this is a niiiice layout.

  2. Chris

    I am looking forward to this disc with great anticipation… this song is so good, the guitar gets me every time!