black moth super rainbow.

black moth super rainbow
make me feel hypnotized. as soon as those single vintage organ keys ring in against synthesized circles of electric guitars, im taken inside and remain. colorfully colliding inbetween live drums and ambient keyboards, occasional whispers and robotic vocals generate their playful imagination. from pittsburg, pennsylvania, this quintet enjoys to reminisce through memories of their early childhood, casually lamenting complimenting sounds of the psychedelic 60s with an unsettling but mesmorizing vision of today.

and the sun will rise
and the sun will rise
and the sun will rise

l i s t e n

sun lips [dandelion gum 2007]
drippy eye (the octopus project remix)
i think it is beautiful you are 256 colors too [falling 2003]

images. black moth super rainbow

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  1. mike

    Great blog. I will be adding it to my google reader. It is seldom that you find good blogs that are as imformative as this.

  2. Becky


    I wanted to post a general comment but couldn’t figure out how. I just wanted to say how lovely your blog looks and that the pictures you use are beautiful. Thanks! great blog.