Bonobo x Boiler Room x 2013


On September 10th, 2013, Bonobo created a spellbinding 45 minute DJ set live for the Boiler Room. The track list has not been officially disclosed however, some of the hidden secrets of this mix are slowly starting to be released and unveiled. Here are some favorites:




[@ 2:48..]

Maya Jane Coles‘ song Something In The Air gets the Bonobo touch by reworking elements of cinematic strings and adding in an upbeat house tempo. This track will be officially released February 24th as apart of Maya Jane Coles four track EP “Don’t Put Me In Your Box”  including new remixes from Kowton, and Dark Sky.



[@ 12:09..]

Owiny Sigoma Band is group of London-based musicians that collaborated with Kenyan nyatiti master musician Joseph Nyamungu and Luo drummer Charles Owoko. Together their unique styles of British and African sounds have become a perfect blend of Afro-pop funk with acid baselines, and heart-pounding drums.



[@ 16:01..]

London trio Dark Sky‘s sound is chilling in the finest sense, infused with hints of techno, house, disco, and magic.



[@ 25:49..]

Eliphino is beatmaster and producer Tom Wrankmore. Originally his first love was hip-hop but after learning on his own how to create music he opened up his style to house music, and garage. Eliphino is the perfection of repetition done with soul.



[@ 31:32..]

Norwegian DJ, songwriter and record producer Terje Olsen A.K.A. Todd Terje is one of the most prominent figures of the Scandinavian dance and disco music scene. His rhythms are experimental and easily groove from high moment to the next.



[@ 34:01..]

From Paris, Henri Texier is a self-taught famous French jazz double bassist from the 1970s. His song Les La-Bas is a forgotten classic that was given an updated atmospheric, and tropical reworking by Bonobo. Download it for free here, and be sure to catch Bonobo currently on his European tour.

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