breathing out, hoping to breathe in

How does one craft the sounds of a steady rush of falling off the edge of a cliff, along with the moment you go underwater holding your breath, feeling the waves rush over you, and still find that perfect peacefulness?

When I listen to the song “Breakers” by Local Natives, I feel like I am visually inside the ocean, I can hear the waves, and taste the sea. My whole entire world is underwater, I’m paralyzed until the music gently breaks… and then I breathe.


Local Natives – Breakers

Local Natives’ sophomore album Hummingbird is out 1/29 via Frenchkiss, followed by a national US tour.


3 Responses

  1. unionville

    Great song. So happy to hear from this band again. I remember loving one of there songs from a few years ago. WXPN used to play them. I think it was called Sun Hands.

  2. olds

    I tried to email you…it said your inbox was full.i even sent flowers in the email.

    I came across your blog via hypemachine and my name is Heath James – i record music as “olds sleeper”. I am a lofi folk artist from Pennsylvania and have recently released my latest album via bandcamp as a free or pay-what-you-want download. I play all instruments and sounds; i like to record in different environments to capture the ambience of each place.. This is my 14th album.

    You can stream the album at :