canon blue :: halcyon

from nashville, tennesse, canon blue is the creation of one man named daniel james.  earlier this year on rumraket records, he released a whimsical debut colonies that was mixed by grizzly bear’s chris taylor, unveiling magical layers of different textures, cascading vocals and atmospheric melodies. in the spirit of the holiday season, canon blue recently shared his latest ep, halcyon, as a free digital download.  within seconds of listening, it is easy to be recognized as one of those tiny music treasures that only come around every so often. 

e n j o y

avatur fuzz
kingfisher sweet
[download zip :: halcyon ep, 2007]

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  1. shruts

    hi! do you know where i could find the lyrics to the canon blue songs? i love them a lot, and i had to stop/pause to get all the lyrics for Ennui, which is beautiful! 😛