chelsea wolfe :: live at the sinclair


One of my highlighted artists to listen to this year has been Chelsea Wolfe, a recommendation from my good friend Erin Caruso. I love when people share something with you that is so good that it moves you. All it took was a few listening sessions with Chelsea Wolfe’s sophmore album “Pain is Beauty“, and seeing this video above hours before getting the chance to see her live at the Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


First off it must be mentioned that the Sinclair in Harvard Square is by far my new favorite place to see music in Boston. The Sinclair venue has a quality sound with monotone industrial design, and at a 525 person capacity still makes a sold out show feel intimate in the most captivating way.

There’s an amazing restaurant connected called The Sinclair Kitchen which always caters to perfection with creative bartenders and unique drinks, a calming outdoor patio with a vegetable garden freshly grown especially for their innovative dishes, and some of the most delicious comfort food to be enjoyed in the area. It’s such a relaxing yet upscale environment that you’ll often find the musicians having dinner there at the table next to you right before they go live on stage. Chelsea Wolfe was even enjoying dinner before her show there! Some of my favorites from the menu has been their famous Sinclair Burger, local roasted beets with honey and goat cheese, or steamed mussels with bourbon compound butter. Most importantly though from the drink list, be sure to try their spicy Ghostbite drink made with one square ice cube, tequila, ghost pepper peach shrub, yellow chartreuse, and lime!


Now on to the show…


Hiding in a dark corner up and above inside the balcony is where I found myself in the venue. With my back pressed up against the wall, I could feel every moment that heavy bass tantalized the room. The total atmosphere seemed to go silent in respect to when Chelsea Wolfe began to play on stage. She possessed a certain magical quality that demanded a presence, glowing in white wearing a cape that illuminated by the stage lights as they switched from bright white to amethyst to blood red. As she sang she gently moved with her electric guitar between a set of two microphones with different vocal filters cascading. Her music echoed a memory that would be perfectly fitting for an autumn day with witches, ghosts, cemeteries, and haunted houses in Salem. Delivering a collection of old and present music, everyone in the audience seemed cast under her spell as each song became stronger, more emotional, and beautiful throughout the end.  One of the highlights of the night was the sweeping synths of the song “House of Metal” and the way her haunted melodies took over the entire venue.


My favorite moment of the entire evening happened to be watching the way she greeted her fans after her show. She possessed a humble demeanor, signing autographs and taking photographs. And before she disappeared, she gracefully walked over to my photographer Erin and myself to kindly thank us for coming to her show.


Chelsea Wolfe Setlist :: The Sinclair, Cambridge MA

September 15, 2013 


Feral Love
Ancestors, the Ancients
We Hit a Wall
Tracks (Tall Bodies)
House of Metal
Pale on Pale
(Chelsea Wolfe solo)
(Rudimentary Peni cover)


Photography: Thank you to Erin Caruso