c’mon ladies!…


there’s gotta be a better way to

going down :: ani difranco [dilate 1994]
silently :: blonde redhead [23 2007]
promise :: cocorosie [the adventures of ghosthorse & stillborn 2007]
back in your head :: tegan and sara [the con 2007]
sonic sorehead :: souls [bird fish or inbetween 1997]
paint a lady :: susan christie [paint a lady 1970]

come around :: m.i.a. ft timbaland [kala 2007]
pop the glock :: uffie [pop the glock 2007]
black eye :: fluffy [black eye 1997]
rub til it bleeds :: pj harvey
 [rid of me 1991]
blue skies :: bt ft tori amos  [r&r 2001]
the ride :: joan as police woman  [real life 2007]



artwork by rebel art grrrls
.the revolution will not be apologized for.

9 Responses

  1. Kelly

    Rub til it bleeds, hell yes! I really miss old PJ, her new stuff isn’t doing it for me.