spring came, rain fell

sweden’s club 8 is a calming duo consisting of karolina komstedt and johan angergård. inside experimenting and arranging mixes of warm and light harmonic vocals, the music gently compliments within soft tones of melancholy twee pop, sultry bossa nova and laid back trip hop. after forming together in 1995, club 8 have created over six beautiful albums and are currently signed to the label, labrabor records.

leave the north
whatever you want
[the boy who couldnt stop dreaming, 2007]

(thankyou to skatterbrain’s top 15 of 2007, matthew’s genuine recommendation of club 8 was my introduction and the song leave the north quickly became apart of my favorites too.)

the bird keeper
artwork by sarah ogren

“I love vintage images and enjoy incorporating them into my work. I’m also a big sucker for unique frames. I scour antique shops and resale shops for old images to use, to make a piece a little more modern. I’m in love with collage and enjoy the texture of paper.

My art is a combination of the past and present, my life experiences, my dreams and my sometimes quirky sense of humor. I find my inspiration in old photographs, antique furniture and clothing, nature, surrealist art, and from my relationships.”

i think this is the end for the both of us

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  1. A Fanciful Twist

    I am so taken by your incredible space here… I found my way via a Tori Amos search (my one longest life loves) and here I am, Enchanted beyond words…

  2. Darius

    Is anyone else hearing Orinoco Flow here? Don’t get me wrong, I like it. I just wonder if Enya should get royalties.