covered in flames until you come around again

I’m half-convinced there’s something in the water in Ontario.

It seems to me that almost every single rock band that comes out of that province is absolutely flawless. There’s a certain “Canadian sound” that you can sample in bands like Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, and a young band called First Time Fallen.

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Even though the band is comprised of a handful of twenty somethings, the band sounds like it’s been crafted over the last decade. One of my favorite “shower bands,” (the albums you listen to while you’re showering so you can revel in the alleged greatness of your voice which is really just a product of amazing acoustics) this band hails from Burlington, a hotbed of musical intensity.There’s nothing about this band that doesn’t come close to perfection. The vocals soar over the crushing guitars, bruising melodies and heartwrenching lyrics- this is one of those bands that you cannot help but rock out to. By the end of the first track, you’re guaranteed to be singing into your hairbrush microphone to your imaginary audience of thousands.

You know those rare moments in songs where you have that surge of electricity in your soul that screams, yesss yesss, one of those moments that can only be described with devil horns?

This band will make you want to do that with every song they play.

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i don’t want to think

i don’t want to dream

i just want the point shown to me clearly

i just want to know my meaning

would it be more than i can bear to take

would it be a grave mistake

to know exactly that i am what i see?

(( Confinement Insanity ))


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  1. indie mom

    you have one of my favorite blogs…thank heavens for hypemachine, or i’d never have found you. thanks for everything.