dark hearts & broken vows

a mixture of odds and ends of music that ive been listening to for the past few weeks. somehow they keep re-appearing throught my days and i cant seem to get the words, sounds, visual details out of my mind. theres no order, but everything here is more than highly recommended.

golden star [alias remix] :: my brightest diamond
[i always felt so far from you, like something wasnt right]

power & glory part 1 :: lisa papineau
[the words beat on & on through, the words beat on & on through]

by two :: ms. john soda
[head by head, heart by heart, head by head, heart by heart]

nature springs :: the good, the bad, the queen
[everyone is a submarine, looking for a dream far away]

nightlite :: bonobo ft bajka
[come, lets bring light to the night of day]

overture :: patrick wolf***
[its so magical, all you can keep inside
& if you bury it deep, no one can find a thing]

how it ends :: devotchka
[in yr heart you know it to be true,
you know what you gotta do, they all depend on you]

***special thankyou to morgan for the recommendation
art by angie mason

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