Dauwd :: Heat Division


For the past few years, Dauwd has been providing deep Chicago-style house music full of sensual beats and lush transitions. The London-based producer has a fascination for interweaving quality material of playful grooves, tribal percussion, subterranean synths, and down-pitched vocals. Apart of the always enchanting Ghostly International label, Dauwd released his official debut EP “Heat Division” early last year. Listen below:


My first introduction to Dauwd was from his gorgeous 2011 single “What’s There”…  I remember after listening to these two tracks, I played them over and over and over again for months. This is not your typical house music, it’s a work of sultry electronic art in the finest sense.  Enjoy!



Dauwd‘s remix of COMA‘s “My Orbit” turns into pure bliss.


Artwork :: Daniele Buetti

Swiss artist Daniele Buetti takes beautiful photographs, punctures holes throughout the images, and then creates an aluminium light box to cast a bright shine to enhance the overall process.

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