days of the new.

if you take a walk with me
ill hold yr hand and let you be
yes, you’ve got to see whats happened to me
im gonna take you there

seasons change [half baked sndtrk 1998]

singer/songwriter travis meeks sits respectfully with some of my very favorite musicians. so immersed in music lately and so silent on the verge of everything new, it seems only fitting to share this special secret from the past, an amazing band, days of the new.

i feel alone even with myself
but it does better me
id like to tell you how im feeling now
but it ruins everything

now [orange 1997]

at a young age, travis meeks has been through alot. growing up, he concentrated strictly on the acoustic guitar and before the age of 17 began a record contract, painfully writing his heart all over his sleeve. it was easy to overhear behind the backstage stories of his child-like spoiled ways but somehow understandable behavior, the intensity felt to be around him before and after performing live shows. when he played upon his guitar as he gave into story-tellings of harmonies, another world took over his body and the audience. opening worldwide before acts like jerry cantrell and metallica, days of the new shared music without any flinch of immaturity or self-doubt, even though throughout travis’ provocative lyrics provided a meaning that lied way below the underlining surface of self destruction.

colorful shapes, a vivid mistake, ive lost intake. give my sore heart a new soul, nerves play my role. im not whole, give me the soul, now ill run, run, running insane, follow the pain. mistaken beliefs of real life, prepare for the flight. reward yr misguide. get off yr knees, time to fly!
flight response [green 1999]

over the years, differences brought the loss of his band members to the forming of another project, tantric. days of the new turned into travis’ very own personal project collaborating with different instruments, musicians and artists. his discography became easy to remember, as each cover artwork reflected a brand new style of a skeleton tree and single color. the debut album with the full band was known as “orange“, then travis released by himself “green” and “red” which properly showcased how emotionally driven, musically gifted and magical he is.

i am cold & i dont know why, said you gotta keep me warm. you will run, run from my eyes.. they stare you down & make you burn.
die born [red 2001]

inbetween the rush and steady decline of success, travis let himself dive into a strong methamphetamine addiction that has kept him fighting a long, hard, back n’ forth battle. a few years ago, sadly displayed upon the a&e tv show intervention, his family spoke brokenheartedly and begged for him to be taken away. after a short period of rehab and relapsing, travis still struggles to live his life as sober. much hope from fans all around the world has truly been abound in high anticipation for the upcoming 2007 album “purple”, some of his rough but current work may be heard on days of the new’s official myspace.

images. travis meeks, days of the new

10 Responses

  1. Sande

    I love Days of the New and Travis Meeks….so glad to hear that he’s booking some tour dates.

  2. toño

    Mi primer album de Days of the New llego a mi por error y desde entonces me aferre a su musica! chido!!

  3. Baby81

    I have loved Days of the New since the first album. Travis is a musical genius. I can’t wait for Purple.

  4. GeTzSeMaNe

    Thanks for this beautiful post about one of my favourite bands.
    Your entire blog is cute and magical.
    Music is art…

  5. Anonymous

    I love Travis and I hope he can climb his way out of the hell of his drug usage.