dear musicisart,

This blog really made my day! It amazes me how music is a universal language. It was strange to discover how someone hundred and hundred miles away, someone whom I’ll never meet, someone who was growing in a completely different society shares the same passion for music and has the same sensibility. I wish to thank you for some songs I’ve downloaded and to send you something in return.

I’ve seen some of Air‘s songs, but this one from their 1999 Premiers Symptomes album is something that just won’t leave me alone. If I could choose and be transformed into something immaterial, this is how I would like to exist.

Maybe you already have it, maybe not…anyways, enjoy!



2 Responses

  1. Mark

    Frou Frou is fairly new to me.
    Do check them out. You’ll like her voice at a minimum.

  2. gumbee

    Very nice. I like the robotic voice. Lately I’ve been listening to more and more of this type of music. If you like this, you might like Lamb or Frou Frou.