death of an imaginary enemy

the band ours has been apart of my past for the last seven years. i still remember the first time i heard their music. it was a beautiful, sunny warm spring day and the song sometimes graced my car’s radio station. the echos of jimmy gnecco’s voice took a hold of my heart in a way that i had never really experienced before. it became like a reasoning, a feeling that never wanted to leave and has remained with me ever since.

ours has been through a few different changes of band members, but the one thing that has forever remained true is the loyalty of the fans and their relationship with jimmy.over the past few years, the live experiences have been full of a warmth that resurrected throughout the crowd and created a feeling that gave absolutely everyone the power to sing. familiar friends and fans would fly from all over the world to attend strings of performances in random cities and the audience would immediately react to certain special songs like meet me in the tower, as if they were religiously their own. everytime when the music would stop and cries upon harmonies continued, it sent chills all over the room. there was an important aspect of attending those shows, meeting new strangers who actually had a special love for something they found in the music and the bond that you’d immediately share. i remember leaving with such strong highs and lows due to the unknown intense understanding of when id ever feel like that again.

to many special fans, we’ve been waiting very patiently for the last four years for a new album and the time has deservingly come. my only hope for those who are being newly introduced to the music for the first time, realize that ours is not just like any other band; they are a connection to a hidden place that lies very deep within the soul.

A few years and many tears later, I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of our third record…
Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy.

We are very excited, and ready to let it go into the world. Static, Locke, Race, Pit, and myself kick off our first show in New Jersey on February 3rd.

Thank you for your support, patience, and understanding in our process.

We’ll see you soon.

-Jimmy Gnecco

saturday, jimmy shared a 25 minute interview on whrw 90.5fm binghamton university radio.

sunday, ours performed a few songs of brand new material acoustically on krock2’s domestic disturbance radio show, as the beginning of a world premiere for their new record. they will perform once again on-air, next sunday february 4. dont forget to catch the tour!

murder [live]

ran away to tell the world [studio album]

mercy [studio album]

these recordings were made available by killtheband

images. erin caruso, tamara madden

11 Responses

  1. thomas

    when i hear Mercy it as if i already know it… was it on Sour? because i heard this song before…


  2. colubridae

    Nice post, was curious when Ours was going to bring out their next album 🙂 Really glad Jimmy decided to flesh out some of his earlier works from the demo tape days. Always wondered what Mercy would sound like spiffed up and done hi-fi.

  3. meesh

    hey, i read what you wrote about OURS and i think it is so great because you put into words exactly how i feel. if you would like to be friends that is awesome. if you would like to talk that is also awesome. if you have AIM my screenname is meeshbunny.